6 Best Spots for Vegan Lunch in NYC [Midtown Edition]

Are you visiting New York City and looking to pick up a quick + easy vegan meal? Or are you looking for a new go-to lunch spot? Read on!

Since I spend most of my time in Midtown, I’ve decided to create a list of my favorite inexpensive, delicious, and easily accessible Midtown eats. See the list below for my favorite vegan lunch spots [midtown-edition] at both non-vegan and vegan restaurants.

1. Xi’an Famous Foods

I’ve been frequenting Xi’an since 2013. My friend’s mom read about Xi’an in a newspaper article and recommended it to him. The rest is history. I’ve had a steady addiction to Xi’an chili oil since, at some points visiting four to five times a week. I order everything extra spicy because I’m pretty much dependent on chili oil for survival. After my raw experiment though, I find that my Xi’an cravings have been substatially reduced, but that’s besides the point.

This place is not vegan, but like most Chinese food, has a good number of delicious vegan options. (Also great – vegan options are now clearly labeled at most locations I have been to.) The noodles, liangpi, and dumplings are all vegan friendly. The soft tofu side order is DELICIOUS.

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*the restaurant has stopped serving vegan versions of the noodles pictured as of March 2018* (& lol at the irony of my old caption below) Happy Earth Day!! 🌎 ^ Pictured is my favorite dish from @xianfoods, which I have frequented for years, even before going vegan. Making a veg choice is not restrictive and does not require sacrificing taste or delicious food. Go vegan for the planet. 💚🌎🌱 [P.S. I am always more than happy to talk to anyone about my vegan experience. If you're thinking about going vegan and have questions, or already vegan and want someone to talk to, DM me!] 📍NYC – Queens, Manhattan, BK 📷 Mt. Qi vegetable hand pulled noodles (extra spicy 🌶) 💵 $10 #handpullednoodles #xianfoods #noodles #vegannoodles #manhattanvegan #earthday #govegan

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Locations: All over NYC – locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn!

My Favorite Order: Mt. Qi veggie noodles, extra spicy. Spicy tofu, extra spicy. (I like chili oil, a lot.)

Price Range: $9-15

2. Marty’s vBurger

This all vegan fast food spot has been slinging noms at markets and pop ups before their grand opening this summer in the Kips Bay neighborhood. This spot is absolutely one-of-a-kind, because it offers true mouthwatering fast food fare at fast food prices.

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🍔🍟🍗 🌱I got real extra and ordered a bunch of @martysvburger offerings at their brick and mortar location because ALL VEGAN FAST FOOD!!! (27th&lex) 📍Manhattan – Kips Bay 📸 two original world famous burgers, one crabby patty + coleslaw, buffalo + blue cheese drumsticks, kale salad 💵 ~$7/burger, +$1 add coleslaw, $5 kale salad, $8.50 for 3 drum sticks, $3 small fries [✨If you like fast food and haven't tried Marty's, go EAT! I loved … pretty much everything. 🤤NYC has a plethora of vegan options, but this all vegan, economical, delicious & speedy fast food spot in the middle of Manhattan is one of a kind!] #veganfastfood #fastfood #burgers #veganburger #fries #kaleyeah #allvegan #drumsticks #eatplants #burgergram #crabbypatty #kipsbay

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Location: 27th St and Lexington Avenue

My Favorite Order: The Original World Famous Burger, The Crabby Patty, Buffalo Drumstix w/Blue Cheez

Price Range: $8-12

3. Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine

Sophie’s can be found all over the city. I find that each location runs distinctly from each other. My go to spot (40th and 3rd Ave) has a “vegetarian platter” that includes rice and three toppings (I usually pick white beans and avo, steamed veggies, and chickpea salad).

I love the hearty portions and balanced flavors. I usually consume copious amounts of their green sauce (which is olive oil, garlic and jalapeño).

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Protein-filled, hot sauce-drenched platter of my dreams. #jalapeno 😋🌶 @sophiescubancuisine 📍Manhattan – Midtown 💵 ~$11 📷 Veg platter w/rice, chickpea salad, white bean + avo, and steamed veggies [Sophie's are all over NYC, but I've definitely noticed inconsistencies throughout locations. Ie, tagged location has a veg platter, and another location was too confused to make it. Also, I emailed Sophie's asking about animal products in their beans, and they replied that no animal products are used in any bean recipe, but a server at a location told me the black beans have lard. This plate seems safe though?] #veganplatter #vegetarian #chickpeas #whitebeans #avocado #steamedveggies #cubanfood #vegancubanfood #spicyfood #midtownlunch #midtownvegan #midtownnyc #plantprotein

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Locations: All around Manhattan (?)

My Favorite Order: Orange Rice with Steamed Veggies, Chickpea Salad, and White Beans and Avocado

Price Range: $13

4. Terri

Classic sandwiches, salads, and juices/smoothies are staple foods at Terri. I love that Terri is all vegan and provides classic sandwiches that do a great job of mimicking their non-vegan counterparts.

Locations: Manhattan – Various

My Favorite Order: Fish Filet (sub out daiya for cashew cheese)

Price Range: $11-15

5. Mysttik Masaala

Mysttik Masaala = a couple carts in Midtown (and LIC) with immensely flavorful, vegan Indian dishes. This is my favorite go-to Indian spot in the Grand Central area.

Locations: 53rd and Park; 47th and Park

My Favorite Order: Veggie Platter (comes with rice, lentil, and choice of entree)

Price Range: $8-12

6. Eatsa

Ever curious about the future of fast food? Well, visit eatsa for a fully automated experience – the only employees you’ll see are cleaning the dining space or guiding new users through the ordering process. My inner-child is particularly excited about the pick up process (involves touch screen buttons and glass-doored cubbies).

Eatsa is a vegetarian fast casual take out restaurant with quinoa/salad bowls that you can pick from a preset menu, or build yourself. I prefer picking a preset item and removing the cheese/dairy. It’s detailed allergen information makes avoiding dairy and eggs very easy. Eatsa makes eating healthy extremely easy; this may be the same reason why I’m least enthusiastic about this spot (lol #junkfoodvegan).

My Favorite Order: Pre-set Bowl, remove/replace any cheese/dairy item. Add veggies or premium items.

Price Range: $8-10

Again, these are just the places I love to frequent! Share with me your favorite spots for a quick vegan lunch. Stay tuned for write-ups on my favorite spots in other NYC neighborhoods.