3 Week Raw Vegan Challenge

Hello all!

My name is Jackie and this is my inaugural blog post. I have been vegan for almost a year and a half now, and my diet consists of mostly junk, noodles and some whole foods. I’m 95% sure spicy chili oil runs in my veins. In this post, I am going to talk about why I was suddenly motivated to start a blog: to long-form document my experience with eating raw vegan on a public platform.

I plan on writing up my experience in sections, recapping on a weekly basis my status and general feelings. After my three week challenge, I will wrap up by sharing what I’ve learned and how the three weeks have affected me. In this post, I want to highlight why I wanted to do this full raw vegan experiment, how I was expecting to feel, and what I think I will take away from the whole experience.

Me and Health – To understand why I wanted to challenge myself to do a raw food experiment, I must give you some background on my relationship with physical health/fitness. As a somewhat-young human with no health “problems”, I always act quite flippantly and cringe when anyone would suggest anything I did was to benefit my health. I generally had my head on straight and never struggled too much with my body (besides those awkward middle school, early high school years – but, back then, who didn’t?). I took a strange pride in not putting in any effort to maintain my health and being effortlessly slim-ish. My most consistent, on-and-off at best, way of being active was running. Before being vegan and running races, I treated running as a therapeutic activity, one where I can destress, reflect on my day and on the rare occasion, stop myself from violently sobbing after emotional events … sorry, did I say that out loud? Five months after going vegan, I ran my first half-marathon and finished at a speed that honestly … surprised myself – I wasn’t as slow as I expected. After running that first half-marathon, a slew of factors turned me into a walking blob with no cardio ability. In the past couple months, as I worked to reverse the downward spiral of my fitness, I began to take my health and fitness more seriously. I decided to make a radical change that could help give me a turbo boost. Raw vegan for 30 days … which I later shortened to three weeks because 30 days without fries scared me too much. I am not perfect.

This is going to suck – As I mentioned earlier, junk and carbs are the basis of my regular diet. Xian Famous Foods is the paragon of my ideal meal. High-fat, high-carb, perfect. When I cooked at home, which amounted to maybe 2-5 times a week, my food was usually still carb heavy, but lighter on the fat .. I think. Eating this way has treated me well/fine before. However, after being sedentary for months, I needed a change – a big one. So, I looked to raw, an energy-boosting, fat-shedding way of eating. I heard glowing feedback from youtubers, and vegan personalities about eating raw vegan. On the other hand, I was anticipating fierce cravings for cooked food, namely noodles and fries. The thought of unsatisfied urges was probably my largest deterrent, because I previously never considered fighting food cravings. I.e. Ramen craving? That’s fine, I’ll trek to Totto Ramen late at night in pajama pants and flip flops by myself and have my favorite bowl of spicy vegetable ramen.

Xian Famous Foods
Goodbye for now! My favorite at Xian Famous Foods, Mt. Qi Veg. Noodles and Tofu, both Extra Spicy

Goals – After this three week period, I had several goals in mind. I am not sure if I will achieve them, but at the time I am writing this post (4 days into fully raw), I already think I am on track to reach my goals:

  • Learn how a fully raw diet affects my body
  • Kickstart healthier eating, switching more of my food intake to plant-based whole foods
  • Possibly shed some stubborn fat that I’ve been intermittently annoyed by
  • Learn how to easily eat healthy, nutritiously, and deliciously by only using raw ingredients

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Reach out to me @j2food on Instagram if you have any comments, concerns or questions. I’d love to hear about any raw vegan trials you may have done. My next post will be about my first week struggles and progress. Until next time!


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